To sum it up, in May of 2008 I was in a minor car accident. I stopped at a stop sign and as I proceeded to pull off, a car was speeding down the avenue and I reacted quickly and came to a quick stop. He lost control of his car and hit a parked car. Basically, I was found as having ran a stop sign and my insurance company paid for his damages. My car didn't have not one dent or anything because that's how quickly I stopped. I was still found at fault regardless. The police asked us both if we were okay and if either one of us wanted an ambulance ad we both said no, that we were fine.

Now 3 years later on today, I was just served. Basically, he's suing me for 250,000. On the papers, it says he's suing me and the insurance company. My question is, even though I am no longer driving, is this something that the insurance company is supposed to handle on their own, being that at the time of the incident, i was insured?