I know I sound stupid, but I really don't know. I never feel thirsty, ever, but I used to be able to. I am very active, like running btwn 5 and 7 miles daily. Even after running in super hot and humid weather and sweating tons, I'm still not thirsty, but I know I need to drink water anyway, so I drink a bottle of water and sometimes more, and I know I needed it because afterwards i pretty much chug it, and it's like a quart of water, but I didn't feel thirsty. I never do, so I go from feeling not thirsty at all to feeling sick and a little dehydrated. I try to drink more water, but sometimes just like 3 sips makes me gag, because it feels like I don't need it. I used to go a few days without a single sip of anything, but I know it's bad so I force myself to drink water. But I'm either not thinking about drinking water, because I'm not thirsty, or it makes me gag so I don't want to drink it. What's wrong?