This is for a world history assignment.
There is no right or wrong answers, use your imagination..

1)We have discovered in an uncovered outdoor area a circular concrete object 3' 6" high and 5' in diameter, with a base underneath which connects to the ground. The circular concrete object has another concrete object of much smaller proportions on each side of it. There were two smaller objects. There were two half-moon shaped pieces that were 1 and 1/2' high and 5' in length. Each of the two smaller objects also has an extension underneath that allows the object to rest upon a flat area made up of red bricks. The red bricks cover a space of 20' by 30”, which is the space equal to two cars parked side-by-side in a driveway.

2)We discovered several artifacts. These include two small square objects with a thin wax coating. The objects have small spout openings with a strong smell permeating from the interior. Also, there are three cylinder shaped metal objects small and light enough to hold in one hand. At one time ants were crawling inside and out of each object. There was one hard-paper covered object containing hundreds of individual slices inside. Pictures, writings, and maps were on the slices. An additional hard-paper covered object containing individual slices with numbers and writings on each of the slices was found in the artifacts. One soft, crumpled, paper object with a small amount of rose coloring was collected from the site. Finally, the last object was five metal objects with jagged edges secured on a small metal ring.