Hey, i just wanna ask a question real quick..ok?
So I was looking for some beats by dre headphones, And obviously if i want them cheap, Theyre gonna be fake
So i've been looking at some reviews from sites like DHgate, or ioffer.com and (obviously) C2Coffer, and there is buyers that are happy and some others just say them pages are scams,, and they say it justs depends on the seller.
So I bought some Beats by dre Studio Replicas and so I bought them at 35$ dollars with shipping included, theyre supposed to be here in about 7-15 days.
And so the Seller I bought them from Looks pretty legit, he joined in April 2010, has a valid gmail Adress, his profile or "store" has more than 300 Items, not to mention his 99 percent positive feedback,( just so you know, his nAme is yibeizi788, and yes, he accepts Paypal)

So I just wanted to know if I made a good decision buying from this seller, Or I should Cancel my order right away,and even though I already made my payment,(some people say that when they pay, the sellers stop contacting them) he has been answering my emails fine and he is very kind and everythin normal, He has sent the Tracking numbers to users who bought the same item, etc.
Thank you in advance