k, so i am on the top bunk and i had been read my kindle before i went to sleep, which i usually do, and had it was lying against the railing so i could still read it without holding it. i think i left my phone on because after i woke up i was still really tired and didn't want to get up, but i heard my phone buzz which made me jump and i think i might have shaken the bed or something because i heard something fall off and hit the ground (no carpet or rug) i got really worried and climbed off and ran to it and saw that the screen wasn't messed up or anything; nut i felt the need to turn it on so i switched it on and nothing happened, i noticed that the green light didn't turn on so i tried again and it worked but the screen didn't flash or anything. i have a lighted cover that fell off it when it fell so i put it on and tried again (oh and i pulled out the light) the light went on, i tried turning it off, the green light flashed like normal and the light turned off. i'm thinking that it works but the screen is only frozen, my only other concern is that when i press ALT space bar the music doesn't turn on. I've sat on one before and broke it and messed up the screen so i had to get a new one (but i got a refund when i sent the broken one back, i think it was because it broke within 48 hours of me owning it, and i got the new one within a couple days.) but the screen isn't screwed up or anything. I'm really worried. I've had this one for about 4 months and have pathetically dropped it too many times to count but ever since i got the screen it has been fine, for some reason i wasn't as careful as i usually am last night and had the cover folded back so it would be easier to hold when typing and forgot to put it back when i fell asleep.

Ps. when i picked it up off the floor the cover was half off so i don't think it protected it, i''ve also have dropped it from the top bunk (unintentionally, naturally) before and the cover has saved it.
PPs. sometimes when i try to switch it on or off, to double check if it isn't working, the green light wont always turn on.
PPPs. a little while after i picked it up i noticed that the top (left hand corner i think) was sorta popped out. it wasn't like you could lift it off or anything, it was just a bit off so i popped it it back and now I'm concerned if crewed it up worse by doing that.
PPPPs.Ive held the on/off switch for over a minute and it hasn't restarted.

-so anyway, any words of wisdom would be great.