I. Equality invents the light bulb
A. He believes that his invention will get him back into the Home of Scholars
B. Equality believes that once the World Council sees his invention, they will forgive him for any earlier sins and transgressions

II. Equality tells the World Council about the invention and discovery of the light bulb
A. When he lights the light bulb, they all get scared
B. The World Council of Scholars threatens to destroy his invention
C. Did not invent the light bulb with his fellow brothers

III. The World Council gets mad at him for breaking the law and boasting about it
A. Lash out on Equality and insult him
B. Tell him that what is not achieved collectively, is bad for the society
C. Worry that it will ruin the Department of Candles

IV. Believe that individuals are holding the society from achieving goals
A. Believe in a collective society, where no one is different
B. Do not like stand out people, such as Equality
C. They think those exceptional people will take over